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Oyivo PowerLocker (TM)

The Oyivo PowerLocker was designed to ensure digital devices never run out of power.  The PowerLocker has a built in Lithium battery bank that provides two outputs (5V and 9V) storing 8800mAh of power and can be used to charge practically any handheld devices that runs on USB power. It can be charged by using the Oyivo SunTrap or from the wall. Once it is fully charged, connect it to the device that needs to be powered. The PowerLocker’s lightweight and compact device is convenient for outdoor trips such as hiking or camping or even charging your cell phone or other electronic device.

For more information, please visit http://www.oyivo.com/index.php/products/oyivo-powerlocker.  

·         Product specifications:




Battery Type:                         High Performance Lithium Battery

Li-Battery Capacity                 3.7V 8800mAh 32.56Wh

Input:                                  5V 1A

Output 1:                             5V 400-800MA

Output 2:                             5V 2.5A (Max) or 9V ≥1000MA

MTBF                                    3 years (under normal operating conditions)


·         What’s included:


Standard USB adapter

User Guide Instructions


·         F.A.Q.’s

How does the PowerLocker work?         

The PowerLocker can be used by charging it to the Oyivo SunTrap or from the wall using an included adapter. Once it is fully charged, it will deliver power to practically any hand held device that runs on USB power.   

When do I need the Powerlocker and SunTrap?

The PowerLocker is used to store power while the SunTrap is used to generate power. In other words, you can charge your PowerLocker from the SunTrap and…..It is convenient for outdoor activies such as hikinig, camping or

 How long does it take to charge the PowerLocker?

The PowerLocker can be fully charged in less than one hour.

How long does it take for the PowerLocker to charge my device?

The Oyivo Powerlocker can store enough power to charge most devices within 45mintues. This is the same rate as a standard wall charger.

What devices can be charged with the PowerLocker?

The PowerLocker can be used for ANY standard device (phone, tablet, iPod, iPad, e-reader, MPS player, and even lighting devices) that runs on USB power.

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